Anthropic Principle

There is something stunningly narrow about how the Anthropic Principal is phrased. Yes, only certain laws and constants of nature are consistent with our kind of life. But essentially the same laws and constants are required to make a rock. So why not talk about a Universe designed so rocks could one day come to be, and strong and weak Lithic Principals? If stones could philosophize, I imagine Lithic Principals would be at the intellectual frontiers.

— Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot

One thought on “Anthropic Principle”

  1. The caverns of what is were carved out of the solid rock of all that is not. The warrens, shot through with blind alleys, rock falls and deceptive edges barely scratch the surface, but they change the character of the what is not surrounding them. Rather than nullity, there is potential. What is not has become what might be.

    It is because we can see a part of what might be that we can be shocked at the caves that we live in, but the enormity of nothingness below the surface will always be beyond comprehension.

    And this is why truth is important. It is a single gleaming silk thread across a dark desert, a flickering flame in a stormy seascape. Amongst the thousands of marbles of what could be, it is the single pearl that is. It is valuable because it is rare.

    There isn’t much reality. Don’t waste it.


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