One thought on “QRCode”

  1. Are there any other applictions for this than for web capable mobiles with a built-in camera?

    Recently I came accross a printed URL on a wedding invitation to a wish list wish which was something like
    and I thought, hold on this is crying for improvement. Noone is willing to type in such a horrible URL.
    Well, I guessed correctly, someone else already had that idea: go to to open this posting …
    The problem is, it took me some time to find that service (maybe due to the bad site name) …
    If you could just print a 4-6 letter code (2-2000M pages) next to an unambigous icon and everyone would know that this is the entrycode to THE single global alias service every browser implicitly understands … like a barcode for webpages …
    Social bookmarking sites could offer such service: or … their icons are well know by now.
    Would that help integrating printed media and online stuff?


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