Rules Of Throw Chess

Throw Chess is an adaption of standard Chess which creates very short games that make your brain hurt. The rules are identical to normal chess except for the following minor changes:

– The game is over when a player is unable to make a move. This player is known as the loser.
– Pawns move in the standard way except for when they don’t.
– The back row can’t move, but when they do, they can move in any piece style except their own (normally).
– You can usually move your opponents pieces.
– Kings are a bit rubbish, unless they’re not a King at the time.
– You really don’t want to lose your Queen (unless it’s a pawn, which isn’t too bad).
– Castling results in an automatic loss, except for some rare circumstances where you can castle as long as it doesn’t involve moving the King.
– It is valid to throw pieces into isolation. Doing this to your own pieces is a play known as “en tant stupide”.

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