Freedom Of Thought

Certainly one may say, ‘Freedom to speak or write can be taken from us by a superior power, but never the freedom to think!’ But how much, and how correctly, would we think if we did not think, as it were, in common with others, with whom we mutually communicate!

— Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason

One thought on “Freedom Of Thought”

  1. Can we be so sure that our thoughts will always remain our own?

    Would a world where everyone knew everyone elses thoughts, be better or worse? Does an increase in communication lead to more understanding or more conflict?

    It would be terrifying at first, but imagine the freedom afterwards, no secrets, no disguises or lies. All of humanity in its craziness and fickleness, good and evil made obvious. The desire to fit in with the crowd would become one of the most despised of thoughts, and people would learn to embrace not only their own uniqueness, but also other peoples. Everyones thought life would of necessity become more diverse. When it becomes obvious that people from other nations share our hopes and fears, where would racism be?

    Communication the way that we practice it at the moment, through adverts and arguments, television and peer pressure is mainly a conforming influence, but if it were unlimited, it would become a powerful way of expanding our horizons.

    The history of human invention has been signposted by advances in the making of thought common. We should not think that we are anywhere near the end of the road yet.


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