The Conspiracy of Self-importance

KRYTEN    They always say the hardest part about leaving
          Cyberspace is realising the whole universe does
          not revolve around you.
CAT       Sure doesn't!  It revolves around me.
KOCHANSKI Absolutely. 
CAT       I'm serious!  Look at the evidence. 
LISTER    What evidence? 
CAT       Take food.  Until I bite into it, it has no taste.
          Even when I know what I'm gonna say, it never 
          bores me! 
LISTER    You and you alone... 
CAT       And here's the clincher: all of the interesting 
          things that ever happenned to me, happenned when I
          was in the room!  Coincidence?  Get outta here..! 

— From Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 4 (scene 24), Duct Soup (extended)

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