Who Should I Have Voted For

Yes, ok, perhaps “For whom should I have voted”, but you guys don’t like the dative case.

This system compares your views on a number of different policies with the views of Kerry and Bush. Where one candidate has made a statement on something but the other hasn’t, agreeing with that statement will increase the score of the candidate that agrees, but not decrease the score of the one who hasn’t spoken about it. If a candidate disagrees with your view, then their score is decreased while a candidate that agrees with you gets a higher score. The score difference for each question is determined by how important you rate it. 0 means does not affect score, 5 affects the score 5 times more than 1. If you see two questions along similar lines and feel like you’ve already rated that topic and don’t want to rate it twice, then set its importance to 0. If you don’t know what a topic means, or haven’t decided what your view is on it, then set its importance to 0.

The candidates stances on these policies were taken mainly from this msnbc page and this bbc page. If you know of other policies that should be in this set of questions, please feel free to send them to me, or comment on this page. I need to know both Bush and Kerrys view on it ideally. If you’re european and need to see a counsellor because your views agree with Bush’s more than you’d realised, then counselling.ltd.uk might be able to help.

Since it’s almost impossible to make people vote on issues rather than personality/media appeal, perhaps something like this should be the way elections are done in the future.

In case you’re wondering, I’m -20 Bush, +35 Kerry. I guess that makes me a Kerry supporter with a score of 55.

function item(stance, bushMultiplier, kerryMultiplier) {
this.stance = stance;
this.bushMultiplier = bushMultiplier;
this.kerryMultiplier = kerryMultiplier;

var topics = new Array();

// Abortion

topics[0] = new item("Abortion illegal in almost all cases", 1, -1);
topics[1] = new item("14th Ammendment extends to unborn children", 1, -1);
topics[2] = new item("Oppose international organisations involved with abortion",1,-1);
topics[3] = new item("Oppose school clincs that refer or counsel contraception and abortion",1, -1);
topics[4] = new item("Would not pick Supreme Court nominees that disagreed with own view on abortion", 0, 1);
topics[5] = new item("Oppose partial-birth abortion", 1, -1);

// Budget

topics[6] = new item("Raise taxes for the wealthy", -1, 1);

// Death Penalty

topics[7] = new item("Support the death penalty", 1, -1);
topics[8] = new item("Would stop federal executions", -1, 1);
topics[9] = new item("The death penalty is racially biased and flawed", -1, 1);

// Economy

topics[10]= new item("Extend tax cuts", 1, -1);
topics[11]= new item("Simplify income tax", 1, 0);
topics[12]= new item("Make it harder to make stupid law suits", 1, 0);
topics[13]= new item("Reduce regulations and reporting requirements", 1, 0);
topics[14]= new item("Tax free medical savings account", 1, 0);
topics[15]= new item("Allow small businesses to pool their insurance requirement", 1, 0);
topics[16]= new item("Employer tax credit for creating new jobs", 0, 1);
topics[17]= new item("Employee heath care tax credit for small and mid business", 0, 1);
topics[18]= new item("Remove tax credit for US companies overseas", 0, 1);
topics[19]= new item("Onetime tax break for companies repatriating assets", 0, 1);
topics[20]= new item("Supports the Estate tax (with high exemption levels)", 0, 1);
topics[21]= new item("Lower top corporate tax", 0, 1);
topics[22]= new item("Raise minimum wage by $2 per hour", 0, 1);

// Education

topics[23] = new item("Tougher standards in education",1,-1);
topics[24] = new item("Link school funding to student test results",1,0);
topics[25] = new item("Tax credits on tuition fees",0,1);
topics[26] = new item("Vouchers to encourage parents to send their children to private schools",1,-1);
topics[27] = new item("Immediate citizenship for tax payers of 5 years standing with no criminal record",-1,1);
topics[28] = new item("Keep state and church separate",-1,1);
topics[29] = new item("Against partial privatization of Social Security.",-1,1);
topics[30] = new item("Require companies switching to cheaper pension plans to offer retiring workers choice",0,1);
topics[31] = new item("Protect MTBE makers from cancer lawsuits",1,-1);
topics[32] = new item("Drill for oil in Alaska",1,-1);
topics[33] = new item("Don't use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices",1,-1);
topics[34] = new item("Oppose raising mileage requirements on car manufacturers",1,-1);
topics[35] = new item("Log federal forests rather than clear bush to prevent fires",1,-1);
topics[36] = new item("Strict cap on mercury emissions quickly",-1,1);
topics[37] = new item("Store nuclear waste in Nevada",1,-1);
topics[38] = new item("Emphasis on alliances rather than unilateral action",-1,1);
topics[39] = new item("Treat the UN as a full partner",-1,1);
topics[40] = new item("Try to spread democracy in the Middle East",1,0);
topics[41] = new item("Reduce the black market in nuclear components",1,0);
topics[42] = new item("Ban same-sex marriages",1,0);
topics[43] = new item("Open homosexuality is incompatible with military service",1,-1);
topics[44] = new item("Ban job discrimination against homosexuals",0,1);
topics[45] = new item("Grant gun makers immunity from lawsuits",1,-1);
topics[46] = new item("Subsidise drug costs for low income patients",1,0);
topics[47] = new item("Unemployed tax credit to help pay for insurance",0,1);
topics[48] = new item("Government help pays for medical costs if insurers agree to hold down premiums",0,1);
topics[49] = new item("Federal support to expand access to state-administered health insurance for children.",0,1);
topics[50] = new item("Allow non employees to get the federal government employee health care programme",0,1);
topics[51] = new item("Human cloning is unethical for whatever reason",1,0);
topics[52] = new item("Restrict stem cell research to existing lines only.",1,-1);
topics[53] = new item("Supports the entire Patriot Act",1,-1);
topics[54] = new item("Favours expanding the Patriot Act",1,-1);
topics[55] = new item("Community defense service started",0,1);
topics[56] = new item("Going to war in Iraq was the right decision",1,-1);
topics[57] = new item("Replace US troops in Iraq with US led NATO force within 4 years",0,1);
topics[58] = new item("The National Missile Defence system is a good idea",1,-1);

for (i=0; i<topics.length; i++) {


Stance Agree How important the president shares my view
(0 unimportant, 5 very important)
“+topics[i].stance+” 05

Bush Score
Kerry Score

<input type=button value="Calculate Scores" onClick="
for (i=0; i<topics.length; i++) {
if (eval('check'+i).checked) {
} else {
scoreArea = eval('score'+i);
for (j=0; j

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