My Great Female Age

Most of the time I wander around blissfully unaware of my age, but at this time of year, I tend to get reminded of it. I’m occasionally frustrated when I realise how old I seem to have got without writing a great epic, curing any disease, routing a dragon, rescuing a damsel, or visiting the moon (let alone punching a shark).

One friend was recently reminding me of matters chronological when, to deflect the weight of implied responsibility to do great things, I decided to point out how much older than me she was. Typically she had a response: since women live longer, in male years (like dog years?) she is younger than me.

Obviously at this point, calculations had to be done to determine if she was right. The fruits of my labour are below. Again, typically, she was right.

The life expectancy values are from 2002 for the UK.

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5 thoughts on “My Great Female Age

  1. Sod thinking about age. I get younger in mind every year I get older in body. As a result of this I am fitted, happier and more open than the person I was in my twenties. I know lots of friends in the same situation. Recently I have started triathlon training with a 50 year old girlfriend. She was agreeing with a comment my 70 year old aunt made
    .”As you get older you care more about yourself, care less about what people think and age and maturity bring a wisdom and a confidence together that equals a sensuality that just was’nt possible with youth”.
    I am loving being older. Time makes me realise that life is fragile. I am loving living life without insecurity that I had as a twenty something….Bring on the years, cos they will only add even more depth and experience!!

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