I am VERY sorry for the delay

I’ve been upbraided by a number of people over the last few months for leaving this site to mature a little by itself recently.

The truth is that I’ve been gloriously busy. Fighting droids with lightsabers in virtual reality, implementing spectral clustering of three different kinds, k-means clustering, recursive ray tracing, going to a jyte meet-up, segmenting MRI scans of the brain, detecting edges, recognising characters, performing maximum flow network methods by hand, investigating the mathematical properties of artificial neurons, learning about more crazy mathematical concepts than you could shake a stick at, trying to balance on a slackline, preparing a web based streaming platform for its upcoming free community edition, thinking about new presentation techniques, playing with my convertible tablet pc, being given a sheep. Add to that the fact that I recently got married, and you can imagine that time is short. I’ve not even had time to browse the web much, so I’m getting flack from my delicious vampires who used to rely on me to find them interesting things to read.

Sorry guys.

It’ll probably not get much better either in the near future. It’s the age old problem, when you’ve time to write, it means you’re not doing interesting stuff to write about, when you’re doing interesting stuff there’s no time to write.

Anyway, I’ll post something tonight.

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