Particularly when I start a new web project, I often find myself wanting a javascript console that I can embed in a page. The consoles built into modern browsers are usually very good, but it’s also nice to have something useful for logging and visible on the screen as soon as the page is loaded.

As it happens, the excellent CodeMirror implements a lot of the functionality I needed and is easy to extend, so I added a few small pieces of javascript and ended up with SoleMirror, a CodeMirror javascript console.

You can use it at the SoleMirror console page or get the source at the github page. There’s even a bookmarklet that will install it into other pages.

This was just something that I put together over a couple of hours, so there are certainly inelegancies and I’ve not tested it in browsers that aren’t ‘fun’. Maybe you are just the person to improve it…

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