Cuff-link dimples

News for the lego lovers (and I know some of you are): Psym, host of the most excellent (although not often updated) [link removed as he no longer owns it and the character of the site has changed] and friend of this blog, started selling some cool lego jewelry a little while ago and got himself some media attention recently. Quite a cunning way to do customizable jewlery. Here’s the article:



Last week, I rose early, travelled far, made a ring for my beloved, dashed home, prepared a meal, and then proposed. Busy day. We’re getting married on the 11th of August in a town in northern Germany near Dortmund.

If you know and like me or her, you’re invited to the wedding, which I hope will be quite informal but enormous fun. You should be receiving invitations soon if I’ve got your contact details (once we’ve made them all), otherwise feel free to contact me and mention that I haven’t sent you an invite yet.

She loves lizards which is why I made the ring in the shape of a lizard. Here’s me burnishing it.

Burnishing the lizard

and the result, after treating it:

Final engagement ring

In case the lizard didn’t turn out well, I also made a back up ring, and earrings (she likes earrings, so they were a safe choice) at the same time.

The Backup RingEngagement Earrings