Plant Fragment

Just a story idea fragment:

In the hope of solving hunger and war, humans bioengineer themselves to produce chlorophil and begin to photosynthesise. Everything is fantastic, but fast forward 1 million years, and a visiting alien species discovers that with the need to move around to find food gone, people have begun to take root at their desks, only tendrils of fingers still connecting them to the internet where they still socialise and meet.

Perhaps from the other side, humans visit a planet where this happened/discover this already happened on earth – all the trees are connected to an internet and actually lead a very deep virtual life.

Earth trees communicate already using chemical signals.

One thought on “Plant Fragment”

  1. At first, this reminded me of A Forest Of Stars by Kevin J. Anderson, but then realised it was different in many important respects.

    I think this idea is really cool. Maybe it could use aspects of myths in which trees are livings beings with souls, but are merely slumbering.


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