That is Easy, but It Will Still Take You a Full Week To Do.

I used to program BASIC V on the Archimedes, and you could at any time drop into assembly and out again, within the BASIC program. I want to be able to do the same thing in Eclipse with java.

I should be able to specify @lang for each method/class/package. Ruby, Groovy, Nice, Scheme, Visual Basic, BASIC, Lisp, Prolog, Smalltalk, Ada, Javascript, BeanShell, Python, Assembly are all available in ways that compile to the JVM, so why can’t I say “I want to implement this method in Scheme, and this other method in Nice, and this other method in assembly” within the same class?

This should be transparent, with all code highlighting, refactoring tools, javadoc, etc, available.

When native code has to be called, this is something else that should be straightforward. I should just be able to specifiy language C or C++ in the same way as all these others, and it should do everything it needs to automatically. Why should I have to fiddle with build scripts or header generators? Mindless repetitive tasks are things that computers are supposed to be good at.

During debug, I want to see an object graph of the whole system that I can drill down through and edit the state of (the whole time it’s running, not just at breakpoints), and have a console window, with all scripting languages available to manipulate the system.

Eclipse seems to spend half of the time I use it recompiling projects. Sometimes when it doesn’t need to. It loves to randomly pause in the middle of something and leave me stuck for ages. It’s just way too slow for large projects.

And why, when I create servlets, do I have to edit interminable xml, and wait for hours while simple changes are deployed here and there. The amount of configuration you have to do to create a HelloWorld servlet that talks to a database is utterly crazy. The amount of time I’ve spent waiting for eclipse to redeploy a servlet on every tiny change is bizarre.

It seems that java, with its myriad libraries, and IDEs, makes everything easy, but nothing trivial. No wonder people are jumping ship to more dynamic languages.

Contrast this with Ruby on Rails, or even .Net. Just put [webmethod] in front of your normal c# method declaration and drop the file into the web server, and suddenly you’ve got a SOAP service and a form to test it. It’s so easy.

As I read in a Perl book once, simple things should be simple.

One thought on “That is Easy, but It Will Still Take You a Full Week To Do.

  1. Ok, this is really just a boring rant.

    Arrgh! Computers are stupid. We have computers now that are so fast compared to what we used to have that almost everything should be instantaneous. “boot up” time should be less than a human would notice.

    Absolutely every task should complete immediately. Anything that really must take longer can run in the background in a way that can be killed immediately. Programs shouldn’t need a long initialization period, because initialization should all happen before run time. Applications should be stored on disk as an image of what they are when they are running.

    Seriously, word processing on my acorn electron was faster than with Word, yet the computer is at least 2000 times faster. This does not make sense.

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