You may have realised from my technical type posts that I’m a big fan of decentralisation, at least when it comes to all things internettery. In that vein, I now have an openID thanks to phpMyID. It was very easy to install and get working, took me less than 5 minutes. is now my openid end point, and I’ve so far successfully logged on to a bunch of openId services including a social fiction writing site and jyte (if you enjoyed anything on this site and want to pop over there to give me some cred for it, that’d be nice). If you don’t know how/want to set one up yourself on your own server, you can use a service like You already have one if you have a yahoo account, or a blog.

I’d love to see this kind of single sign on succeed since single sign on is needed and the alternatives are MS passport style things. If you haven’t already got an OpenID, let me encourage you to get one, and start using it.

3 thoughts on “OpenID”

  1. Great idea, unfortunately I don’t have the php/wordpress-fu to do it. Maybe the wordpress folks will do it for me in a version or two.


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