links for 2007-03-14

2 thoughts on “links for 2007-03-14”

  1. when it comes to ants, my reccomendation is to smoke the little blighters out, and what with all those incense sticks knocking around the temple, surely its only a matter of time before some careless monk leaves half a ton of them flaming below the venerable bodhi tree… On the other hand I like the idea of meditating through the pain, something I try to do when getting injections… yeah I know I’m a wuss.


  2. Ants like sugar don’t they?. Why don’t we all just bathe ourselves in salt lotion. Would that mean they would avoid us?.(make sure you don’t opt for sugar instead of salt, could be nasty).
    When I am anathetising my patients I tell them to inhale and exhale deeply. It works….


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