Happy New Year

I hope you had a good new year celebration, and that you’re looking forward to new challenges.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for us now to take a long walk for the new year, talking month by month through what happened in our lives, friendships and work, and about what things we’d like to achieve over the next year. We had a busy one this year.

We also like to light a fire. This year, since we live in a large urban area, the only bit of land we were sure we’d get away with it on was our car parking space.

warmcar parking fire

People walked past talking on their mobiles as we admired the shafts of light the street lights made cutting through the smoke (sadly didn’t get a picture of that – it was very cool). We’d run out of marshmallows unfortunately, and it’s hard to buy marshmallows at that time of night. Of course, we had to be careful putting the fire out.


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